"Take Me With You" concept sketch
Dad and Uncles and a Polar Bear
"Take Me With You" concept sketch
"Under the Same Roof" back cover
Halloween Pug
"13" concept sketch
"Barbie Arms" Page 1
"Barbie Arms" Page 2
"Barbie Arms" Page 3
"Barbie Arms" Page 4
"Under the Same Roof" cover
"2" concept sketch
"Popcorn Kernel" Page 1
"Popcorn Kernel" Page 2
"Popcorn Kernel" Page 3
"Popcorn Kernel" Page 4
Life Sketch in Madison
Life Sketch in Madison
Life Sketch in Madison
Life Sketch in Madison
Life Sketch in Madison
Life Sketch in Madison
Tank Top
"16" Concept Sketch
"Take Me With You" concept sketch
Sore Butt
Need to Poop at Walgreens
Dad's Coat
Fart Energy (drawn during Physics class)
"Dom Lux" Page 1
"Dom Lux" Page 2
"Dom Lux" Page 3
"Dom Lux" Page 4
"Creature of the Black Magoo" 1-3
"Creature of the Black Magoo" 4-6
"Creature of the Black Magoo" 7-9
Daily diary image, myself as Batman microwaving a potato
Mad Girl
Scary Bunnies
Audrey's a Little Pussy Ass Bitch
"Take Me With You" character buttons
"Take Me With You" logo buttons
"Take Me With You" logo stickers
"Take Me With You" cover
"Take Me With You" 1-2
"Take Me With You" 2-3
"Take Me With You" 4-5
"Take Me With You" 6-7
"Take Me With You" 8-9
"Take Me With You" 10-11
"Take Me With You" 12-13
"Take Me With You" 14-15
"Take Me With You" 16-17
"Take Me With You" back cover
"In the Driver's Seat" cover
"In the Driver's Seat" 1-2
"In the Driver's Seat" 3-4
"In the Driver's Seat" 5-6
"In the Driver's Seat" 7-8
"In the Driver's Seat" 9-10
"In the Driver's Seat" 11-12
"In the Driver's Seat", 13-14
"In the Driver's Seat", 15-16
"In the Driver's Seat", 17-18
"In the Driver's Seat", 19-20
"In the Driver's Seat", 21-22
"In the Driver's Seat", 23-24
"In the Driver's Seat", 25-26
"In the Driver's Seat", 27-28
"In the Driver's Seat", back cover
Beverly Hills Vampires
Jonny's Confession
Olive Garden Shame
Halloween Party
Naperville Girls Out on the Town
"Depression" 1
"Depression" 2
"Depression" 3
Winter in IL
Cento's Secret
Drawing Downtown
Self-Portrait 1/8/19
Hallmark Kills
Don't Poop on That!
Baby Talk
Things You Can't Get Mad About
"How Can I Be Cool Like You?"
Page 5 from "No Answers"
Page 25 from "No Answers"
Page 29 from "No Answers"
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