- I can’t extend my arms fully. A friend and I actually measured it. My left arm can only go to 148.5 degrees and my right arm maxes out at 146.5 degrees. I haven’t found any advantages to this trait yet but I’m working on it.
- I take voice and guitar lessons in hopes that one day I’ll be as good as Rock-n-Roll Barbie.
- I can't eat spicy food or I will cry.
- I’m told that mosquitoes find me quite attractive.
- My favorite color is blue, particularly the shade of cotton candy ice cream. The more “lickable” the hue, the better.
- I’m really good at having sleep paralysis naps.
- I wear SPF 1 million.
- My dentist says I have a great personality.
- I can't throw a football nor would I care to.
- I believe in punctuality and showers.
If you tolerated this, you should read The Long Story.
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